Boarding Rates
Standard: $450/month
Board includes: hay and grain twice daily, stalls cleaned every other day, daily turnout-turn-in (weather permitting): blanketing as needed, putting fly masks on/taking fly masks off; full use of facility; use of arena (when not in use for a scheduled lesson); use of tack room; storage of horse trailer. Supplements provided by owner in SmartPak form will be administered at no charge. Owners will be responsible for providing grain or hay other than that fed by Dreamflight Farm, all grooming supplies, fly spray, over the counter medications, and prescription medications.

Full Care (extras): $600/month
Extras such as extra bedding, extra feed, or a different grain other than Strategy provided by Purina. Full care also includes grooming as needed, wound care, worming, blanketing, and holding for the vet and farrier.

Partial Training Board: $750/month
Includes 2-3 rides a week. Includes full care board.

Training Board: $1000/month
Includes 4-5 rides a week and 1-2 lessons a week. Includes full care board.
Wound Care - $10/day
Administering Medication - $10/day
Owner supplied
Bandage Changing - $5/change
Add $10 if applying medication as well
Hand Walking - $10/walk
Up to 20 minutes, after it is $20/hour
Layup - $700/month
Boot and Blanket Service - $20/month
Extra Bedding - $4/barrow
>4 wheelbarrows per week
Holding for Farrier - $15
Holding for Vet - $15
Worming - $15
Fan Use in Summer - $10/month
Hauling - $1.00/mile
+ $50 Handling Fee
Mandatory Individual Turnout - $20/month